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Mai Qutob

     Mai Qutob is a talented visual artist who grew up in the old city and was born in 1993. In 2022, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She was awarded a scholarship by the university to pursue her studies and complete her undergraduate degree in the field of Fine Arts. Currently residing in Jerusalem, Mai's artistic practice encompasses a diverse range of media, including photography, video installation, and paintings.


     Her works revolve around inquisitive contemplations about the intricate relationship between people and their environment. She explores how individuals interpret and represent the same material within the same time and space in distinct ways. In many of her pieces, she seeks to translate her emotions while pondering these questions within herself, attempting to find a focal point to anchor her tools and begin sketching the turning point. However, the results of her inquiries often remain ambiguous, leading to open-ended conclusions.

      The sense of belonging to a place is a central theme in her artistic inquiries. Mai has exhibited her work in various local museums and galleries, including the Nablus Road Jerusalem Exhibition in 2019, the Bezalel Graduate Exhibition in 2022, and the Bakoura Exhibition in Asfia in 2022. Additionally, she actively participated in numerous bazaars and social projects in Jerusalem, such as the bazaars at the Jerusalem Community Center and Nablus Street.


   Mai also engaged in social art initiatives to activate the art scene in Jerusalem, such as the "Family Stories" project with the Siwar Foundation and the "After-School Arts" project in East Jerusalem schools. In 2023, she contributed to the "Haretty Btehmeeni" project ( My neighborhood cares about me), integrating arts into the streets and alleys of East Jerusalem schools. She also exhibited her work in the "Intersection" exhibition at Dar Al-Consoul in the old city.


    Mai Qutob's art continues to captivate audiences with its introspective and thought-provoking nature, delving into the complexities of human existence and our connections to the places we inhabit. Through her unique artistic expression, she leaves an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, igniting curiosity and fostering dialogue.

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